Playing Dress Up

21 Jan

Picture_009 Today was spent sitting in a room with mostly middle aged men learning about film production.  There were a few good tidbits of info, but the 3 hours were long and I was restless, not to mention cornered by a guy during the entire break who wanted to talk about his roomate who brokered the deal for Out of Africa and how everyone else in the room was a hack.  I found myself wondering how much I wanted to be involved in my film.  There are so many different avenues to go.  I do think I would be good at producing.  One of the panelist wrote the screenplay, directed it, produced it and was planning on starring, but backed out.  My ego says I would have given something else up first…but then I think back to Halloween.  And Last Monday for the Golden Globes, and Weddings, and any other excuse I can find to dress up and play a part, and I realize that acting is a part of who I am, but you have to be true to what you are writing, make it the best it can be, and accept that I may not be right for any of my characters, and be fine with that.  I have enough roles to play in real life, but I would like to do some auditions and get some time on set, just in case I decide to go the independent route…free film school, can’t be beat!


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