Review: Underworld, Evolution

3 Feb

My Grade:  C+

Tanis: You don’t scare me, Selene.
Selene: Well, we’ll have to work on that, won’t we? ‘

79m_1 This fast moving sequel to Underworld, starring Kate Beckinsale and Scott Speedman (of ‘Felicity’ fame) won’t likely dissapoint most fans of the original movie.  The vampires, the lycans, the creative decapitations and gore and of course Kate in that leather corset are all there.  Expect a third in the trilogy as half of the film felt like little more than a set up for the franchise.  I was also disappointed with the lack of dialogue, the gory action got tiring at times and every word spoken gave just a bit too much away about what was to come.  But as we decided after seeing the movie, it’s not a thinker.  You can either have gore and girls in tight leather or you can have an intelligent film, you’ll never see both.  Still, it kept us on at least the middle of our seats for most the movie, with a few gasps but no screams (lost my bet there) and few laughs.  Definitely recommended for Vampire fans, but keep the kids away as the violence and gore is extensive.  Overall, not a bad way to spend an evening, but could have waited for the rental.


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