Review: Something New (2006)

11 Feb

My GRADE: C-99m_1

Well, I’ll be honest.  This wasn’t a movie I was exactly dying to see in the first place.  But when a friend called and asked if I wanted to go see a movie, something new, her treat, I assumed she meant anything that had just come out and said, “sure!”.  Then, I went to look up new movies and there it was, and it all came flashing back to me a cheesy looking black film complete with weddings and the token white guy.  A film that isn’t quite brave enough to really be about race, so it decides to be about romance and comedy instead and throw a few racial philosophies in for good measure.  I wasn’t mistaken.  The film was not well written and had NO ORIGINALITY.  Almost every line and every scene I felt like I was making a list, oh that’s from that film , and that might as well be this film and so on even down to the main character running out of a cotillion, clock chiming midnight to find her fairytale prince.  PLEASE!!!  There were a couple of pleasant things about the movie, Donald Faison (scrubs, clueless) always gives a funny performance, though admittedly he had very little to work with here.  And Simon Baker was gorgeous and charming just to watch for two hours, and really in the end, you want him to send the spoiled princess back to mommy because she doesn’t deserve a man like that (ya know, if prince charming really did exist, he would be in the form of Simon Baker or at least the nearly perfect Brian he plays in the film) Overall, maybe a rental to fall asleep by, but not worth the theater prices and could have been cut down by about oh an hour, and maybe been something good.  Better yet, just rent, Cinderella, Bridget Jones, The Wedding Planner, Bed of Roses, and Jungle Fever and you’ll see all the best parts of the movie actually well done.


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