A letter to all the men in my life.

9 Jan

I could say that I’m annoyed.  Annoyed with men.  Let’s start there.  Please don’t call me or text me or IM me only when you are fighting with your current girlfriend and ignore me the rest of the time.  Please don’t make plans and then flake out on them.  Please treat me with the respect I deserve.  Please don’t try to get me drunk so I’ll sleep with you.  Please don’t run away because I’m not perfect.  Please listen to me.  Please hold my hand.  Please know what you want.  Please talk to me.  Please be silly.  Please love something.  Please admit who you really are.  Please tell me if you are a player.  Please help me put up bookshelves.  Please don’t think you know me after an hour.  Please don’t yell.  Please don’t gossip about me to your friends.  Please read to me when I’m sick.  Please don’t discriminate against me at a job interview because I love kids.  Please love to travel and see new things.  Please be a man and not a child.




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