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12 Jun

Monday, June 11, 2007

Category: Movies, TV, Celebrities

Day 305 of THENERVOUSBREAKDOWN.COM experiment.

Was reading the latest edition of Esquire magazine this weekend, the one with Angelina Jolie on the cover.

In it there is a lengthy quote from Jeffrey Sachs, an American economist and an expert on world poverty. Sachs is the director of the United Nations Millennium Project and the author of a book called The End of Poverty.

He works with a variety of big name celebrities, including the likes of Bono, Madonna, Matt Damon, and Angelina Jolie.

Here is what he has to say about them and the work they do on behalf of those less fortunate:

These are people with the widest reach in the world, and not by accident. Not only are they leading artists and personalities; they are great leaders and managers, and that’s part of their success. When you consider what Angelina does or Bono or Madonna—these are real forces of nature. It goes beyond their fan bases. They are able to speak to tens of millions of people, and that goes back to how bright they are, how well they manage across their artistic work, their work in music and film. Their participation has been absolutely essential to the mainstreaming of these global issues into American life, which is why I find so ridiculous the cynicism, the pundits who disdain this. They misunderstand how our society works, and they misjudge these people, their leadership. No good deed goes unpunished, and it’s certainly true of this activity. Angelina goes at it with utter honesty, hard work, and a deep feeling for the common fate of humanity. There’s no doubt about that or about her love for her children. And yet the amount of chattering that goes on about it is endless and preposterous, in my view.

Your thoughts?


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