16 Jul

First off my apologies for not writing more…..I’ve been so busy running what feels like 20 different businesses and writing alot for that, so haven’t felt much like I’ve had the time, but am trying to be intentional at getting back to it.

So many things this last week alone have seemed to fall into my lap that I’m so excited about and have just been inspring, spiritual, comfirming experienes that have made me feel I’m where I need to be.

Maybe that just happens when you stop worrying so much about money and start worrying more about how you can best help people.

Yesterday, I attended an information session for volunteering for Phoenix Children’s Hospital.  It’s been something I’ve wanted to do for years but living so far away kept me from it.  Now, it’s literally across the street and I’m thrilled I can walk once the weather cools down a bit.

The session was so inspiring I was almost in tears most of the hour!  I was really moved simply by the fact that there were 75 people who showed up ready and willing to give their time for free.   The hospital has over 500 volunteers and will be needing many more as they are in the process of building an additional 14 story patient tower that will bring them gradually from their current 277 beds up to 617 beds all in private rooms.  The other exciting thing for me about volunteering is that it has changed so much from the time that I spent in hospitals before where our only interaction with the patients was delivering flowers or maybe wheeling them to the front door on discharge.  Now most hospitals allow you to be as involved with the patients as you like and Phx Children’s has over 45 different positions you can volunteer for.  I went into the session knowing I wanted something hands on very involved with the patients so that I could really focus on someone else’s needs during that time and get out of my head and into my heart more.

They have such a unique viewpoint and philosophy on caring for the whole child, spiritually, mentally, emotionally, education, development….and the child just happens to be in the hospital dealing with an illness or trauma.  Even their planning of the hospital is unique, including things such as a children’s advisory board in the process.  They have amazing schools there and they really are focused on the whole family as well…which is where I think I want to work…with helping the families who are dealing with these traumas, being faced with the possibility of losing a child, etc. I can’t imagine many things that would try the human soul more than that.

I know it will be a learning and growth experience for me in many ways….and difficult at times.  Part of me knows that the reason volunteering here before never worked out for me is because I was not in a place emotionally and spiritually to handle all that.  Now, I feel I am, and if I have something in me that can help in any way, how can I not give that part of myself to this. I’m just really excited to get started. It feels overwhelmingly like one of the right place to be in my life at this time.

I’ll try to keep you updated on how the process goes there as well as all the other things on my plate that are near and dear to my heart.

If you would like more information on Phoenix Children’s Hospital ….please visit their site at




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