Mostly Nano

17 Nov

Believe it or not, I’m alive.  I realize the contents of this blog (or lack thereof) would suggest otherwise, but I’m still around.

At the moment, I’m immersed deep in the insanity of NaNoWriMo.  (For the un-initiated, that would be National Novel Writing Month).  As of this morning, I’m lagging about 9,000 words behind the pace I should be at for completing the 50,000 word project by the end of November.  Still, I celebrated the midway point yesterday with a bunch of equally crazy folks on this side of town who have been taking part in the yearly event.  We watched videos of one of the younger male contestants channeling Lady Gaga in drag and Double-Stuffed Oreos were had by all!

As far as I’m concerned it really was a cause for celebration.  I’ve made it much further into the project this year than on the two previous years I attempted the feat, and am pretty confident that with an all-nighter or two I’ll be able to drag myself across the finish line by my ears or my toes or whatever lends itself to pinching and pulling along.

It’s been all in all, a terrifying experience, tackling a novel.  But I’ve learned a lot about myself and how I work best along the way.  Having that external deadline that I’m dedicated to, without the pesky side effects of anyone lurking over my shoulder threatening to tell me it’s silly or I’ve got it all wrong has been very freeing.  That and the competition of my fellow writer’s wordcounts lingering over my head.  I’ve learned to just keep writing through the horrible parts and worry about fixing it later and the plot faeries are starting to show up and little by little  light the way.

Ah but you wanna know the most interesting part.  My procrastination has become so much more focused.  I feel too guilty to not be writing because I feel like watching t.v.   But, pushing back my writing session a few hours because the bathroom has to be scrubbed right now, well that sounds important!  I’ve managed to organize my office, clean most of the apartment, schedule doctors appointments, visit neglected friends and completely overhaul both of my computers so far this month.  I’m pretty sure if you asked me to help you move or babysit or organize a clothing drive for the homeless I’d manage to fit that in this month too!

The trick, I can see will be to keep that level of momentum going when November ends and I’m thrust back into the real world of editing and plotting and self-motivation.

Of course I’m always open to suggestions.  Willing to write for a trip to Paris or a new car.  Yah, I’m pretty sure I could find that motivating.

In the meantime, keep track of how I’m doing and feel free to congratulate me on my successes or make me feel monumentally guilty for my failures by checking in with my wordcount tracker below.  I know you will use this power wisely.


2 Responses to “Mostly Nano”

  1. seekingzeal November 17, 2010 at 1:23 am #

    Good luck keeping the motivation up. I’m actually procrastinating right now… Guess I stop surfing the Internet and get back to my own NaNo masterpiece..

  2. Rebekah November 17, 2010 at 1:29 am #

    Thanks! You too. I guess I should stop playing with my blog and get back to my novel as well. Good luck.

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