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5 Jan

Tony Bayliss Author of Past Continuous

I caught up with Author Tony Bayliss, and chatted with him about Orwell, playing football for England, and the personal journey of writing his newest book.

Here’s a sampling:

Your latest book, Past Continuous was recently published by Sparkling Books. Congratulations. Can you tell us a little about it?

Past Continuous starts with the death of the hero, an unpromising start to any story, but then takes us back to find out why he died. Nothing is quite as it seems, and soon the reader is left to wonder how, if he is dead, he can be communicating with the living. The person charged with finding out the truth is a girl who never met him in life, but who feels instinctively that she loves this man. She doesn’t know he is dead, and thinks he is lying in a coma, communicating telepathically. Her determination to find him, and to find the truth, is what drives the story on to its unexpected conclusion. I like happy endings.

Read the full interview here: Author Interview: Tony Bayliss Talks Past Continuous « Aurelia..


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