I Have Nothing Clever to Say Today…

7 Jan
Really Weird Elvis Poster From South America

Really Weird Elvis Poster From South America. I have no idea why it came up as a suggested photo for this post, but I thought it hilarious so it's in! (Image by joanna8555 via Flickr)

It’s after 11pm.  I’m mindlessly reading forum posts on Amazon of all places.  ( I didn’t even know Amazon had forums until tonight! Did you?)

My review of Managing Death by Trent Jamieson took much longer than I thought, but it’s done and up at Aurelia.  And I got a Wow! Thank-you! from the author.  Which of course is NOT why I write the reviews, but it’s nice to know I’ve made someone’s day anyway.  For some reason positive reviews are always more exhausting to write.  With negative reviews I go in with a list of things I didn’t like.  Sometimes there’s a list with positive ones, but I think more accurately, if the author has done a really good job, I just loved it and while enjoying myself, didn’t notice all the stuff that made it great.  I have to go back and analyze that afterwards.

At any rate.  I now have what feels like a million books I need to read and my brain is exhausted and my apartment once again a mess…. so… I know it’s pathetically un-entertaining, but that’s all you get for tonight folks. Me and my Nook are going to bed.

Happy Friday. Sweet Dreams.  See you tomorrow!

Wait, wait don’t go…..I thought of some questions for you.  Wondering what your take is on some news headlines…specifically the Borders  financial situation.  Do you think they’ll pull through?  Curious of your thoughts, and I’ll post mine tomorrow when my brain is functioning again.

Had more headlines, but I realized they are all book and publishing related. So I’ll save ’em for my other blog.  (I really need to check out CNN or  something , huh?)

xoxo – Bex


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