A Day in the Life of a Computer Princess

12 Jan
Have I Got News for You

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The title is ironic I suppose.  A princess as in: I really don’t like dealing with computers and call my brother every day for tech support.  Not as in a computer who is a princess (that would just be… well weird) or someone so good at computers they have made her heir to that realm.  That would be…someone else entirely.

On to the news…

The Bad News.

1. My laptop maimed me today. ( No really, I’ll show you the scar.)

2. I then had to spend several hours cleaning and child-proofing my mother’s computer so my nephew can no longer download viruses when playing games.

3. I don’t like computers very much today.

The Good News.

1. My brand spanking new 2TB Network Hard Drive is here! *squee*

2. I finally get to back up BOTH of my computers in their entirety.

3. Also get to completely overhaul my netbook, install Windows 7 and make it all shiny and new. (This feels like bad news at the moment, but it’s really not.)

The Funny News.

Hope I don’t see too much of this:


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