My Night Off

18 Jan
The Head Ache

"Headache" via Wikipedia

“Every time someone breaks a resolution, an angel does a faceplant.” – Unknown

Did you even notice?  The day I was stressing about missing in there? Yep.  Up until two days ago I had a perfect streak going on with my Post  A Day 2011 challenge.  I usually don’t get to posting until late at night so there are a few days where I posted a few minutes after midnight and they show up on the next day, but as far as I’m concerned they still count as successes for me.

But man…Sunday I had a migraine to beat all migraines (headaches seem to be making themselves comfy as a theme in my life right now), and even though I already knew what I was going to write about for the day, I just couldn’t get myself to stare at the computer screen for long enough to do it.

So, you know what I did? I got up the next day and wrote the post.  Kept going.  I didn’t call the thing a disaster and give up in frustration. It’s sometimes hard with goals to find that balance between perfect responsibility, nazi like structure and accountability and forgiving ourselves… and then maybe forgiving ourselves once too often, and then deciding to tell ourselves that we really don’t care at all.

So I just wanted to acknowledge the point, that yes…I’m human (and I plan on staying that way).  I expect that I will miss another day or two during the year.  But having experienced it, and knowing  that I will keep going makes the whole thing a little less scary.  Because life is often one big balancing act and what works for me won’t work for you, and sometimes what works for me today, isn’t what worked for me yesterday.  The point is progress.  The point is, I’m doing this for a reason well a few, actually – and none of them include the word perfection.

Pick your battles. Don’t make your goals more important than enjoying life.  Ok, yes it was pain that drove me away this time. But I’d like to think I’d let myself off for an occasional night if the choice was between blogging and ice-cream with my niece or a date with prince charming.  Otherwise, just who the hell am I working so hard at perfection for?


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