Aurel and Bex.

Bex (aka Rebekah) lives in Mesa, Arizona where she is busy writing screen-plays, short-stories and her first YA novel…when she’s not happily procrastinating by silly little things like eating and sleeping and doing dishes.  She’s also easily distracted by her adorable niece and nephews, Joss Whedon and other loud bright shinies. She has been a Contributing Writer for BlogCritics Magazine, a semi-recovering Twitter and Facebook addict and is pretty darn cozy in her current apartment. Along with her personal blog,  she runs Aurelia {Lit}, where she gets to geek out about the books she reads and Writefly a resource for writers.

Her alter ego Aurel…is a bit more feisty and gets the official credit for most of the writing that gets done around here, keeping things a little less confusing since apparently there are a few other Rebekah Montgomerys already out there in the world, writing books and movies and acting and preaching and coaching and winning awards for being good people, all in her name! Sheesh! To be honest, the name thing is just a big confusing mess at the moment… she is suffering from an internet identity crisis.  So fell free to holler at her as Bex, Rebekah, Aurel, Bekah, Beck-o-ning, or even (cringe) Becky and she will probably answer.


Questions? Comments? Really weird stories involving time-travel you feel the need to share? Send us a message!  We love to hear from other humans.


One Response to “Aurel and Bex.”

  1. Harshad Joshi June 7, 2009 at 4:41 am #

    Beautiful. You are.

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