There are moments so perfect

That they can’t be put down in words

Millions of words

And not one of them right for

This moment.

Maybe if I could speak the languages of the Ancients…

Exquisite culmination of complete perfection.

Enchanted contentment,

Euphoria, Bliss…

That’s as close as it gets

And the distance is greater than the eye can see.

It paints a portrait so shabby that I cringe at the

Thought of it representing my moment.

My infatuation with this moment.

And the beauty in its every microscopic detail.


One Response to “Momenta”

  1. Natasha December 3, 2010 at 4:45 pm #

    i like your poetry, very elegant. alot of poets i know confuse using obscure metaphors as being deep. rock on

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