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27 Jan


Caught My Eye: Cabfare Productions

26 Jan

Wedding Videos That Make You Want to Fall in Love Again (and live in Seattle)

Don’t ask me how I got there.  I think it started with a book. (What else?)  But, somehow I found these amazing little wedding videos by a company in Seattle called Cabfare Productions.  And I got lost in them. Every one of them is a work of art.  Bet ya can’t watch just one! Enjoy!!

Ancient Greek Classics Circuit

26 Jan

So, I didn’t manage to post by my midnight goal last night, because I was on a deadline for my other site.  I’m taking part in the Ancient Greek Classics Circuit this month and I’m day ONE of the tour.

My discussion of Electra is now up on Aurelia – go check it out!

Reading Electra Aloud in The Dark

Caught My Eye: Shadow Art

24 Jan


Shadow Art by artists Kumi Yamashita and Tim Noble + Sue Webster via DailyDawdle.

Of Aliens & Ancient Greece

23 Jan

Electra Receiving the Ashes of Her Brother, Or...

Image via Wikipedia

“For centuries philosophers and theologians have debated what it means to be human. Perhaps the answer has eluded us because it is so simple. To be human is to choose.”The Outer Limits

I wouldn’t normally think of juxtaposing Sophocles with little green men, it just happened to work out that way.  I was reading Electra tonight and reflecting on how little we had changed in so much time, how still relevant his work was, marveling at how much I identified with the characters.  I had to admit too, that it did remind me for just a moment of reading science fiction.  The places and the names, the traditions – all so foreign to me, it could have taken place on an entirely different world.

I was sitting in my parent’s living room at the time, and after my dad went to bed I started reading aloud to myself, because… well I guess there’s still a bit of the drama geek forever inside me.   The TV was still on, tuned to whatever station my father had snored through before he traded his recliner in for his bed.  It wasn’t really bothering me as I was rather engaged in my reading.  But, then the sportscasters came on.  I was now annoyed.  And for some reason instead of turning the thing off, I flipped down a few stations to something less obnoxious.

I stopped on an episode of The Outer Limits, mostly because it was quiet compared to the ranting from the sportscast.  It was halfway through the show, but suddenly I found myself going back and forth between the two, watching the show, (an episode involving alien abduction) when it was on, and switching back to my performance of Electra during the breaks.  (Yes, these really are the sort of things I do, when no one is watching).

I have to say it was a rather odd and giddy experience.  The show, with its oddly compelling aliens weaved through themes of  fear, violence, pain, sacrifice and ultimately what it means to be human while the play tackled many of the same ideas.

“My acts untimely and my words unmeet.
But your hostility and treatment force me
Against my disposition to this course.” – Sophocles, Electra

Both stories culminated with dire choice. Sacrifice.  Untimely deaths.

Aliens. Ancient Greeks.  How very little we have changed, and how very much I wonder if we ever will.

Caught My Eye: Sci-Fi New York

22 Jan

I’m so loving this gorgeous shot of fog rolling into New York City by photojournalist Jim Richardson. Sometimes I wish I had a pure photo blog, so you could be wowed by this in its full-sized glory. (Hint: Click on the photo for a closer look.) It looks so sci-fi and moody to me.  Makes me wonder what’s lurking under that fog.  Love.

New York at Night

Attack of the iPod Pixies

21 Jan

The iPod family with, from the left to the rig...

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So, before I jumped in the shower today, I turned on my iPod that’s docked in the bathroom like I do every day.  I usually keep it on random and since there’s about 3500 songs on it, I never know exactly what I’m going to get.  But I was in a mood this afternoon, and I decided I needed a bit more of a kick, so I dialed over to my playlists and selected highest rated.  I’m pretty vigilant about rating my songs but admittedly I haven’t used this feature in a while.  I turned it up to full volume and was kind of stoked about hearing some old favs.

But instead…you heard me cursing.  “Who the hell hijacked my iPod!”

What a surreal shower that was.  My only explanation is that someone snuck in during the middle of the night and changed all my ratings.  Not only that, I don’t even remember most of these songs being placed there in the first place.  We’re talking a lot of cheesy disco, some classical (and not the composers I like), a few that were a screechy combination of country and folk, and some really foul-mouthed rap.  I was tempted to step out of the shower and drown the thing.  Sadly, I didn’t.  When I did get out I had to go through 54 songs to get to one I would have rated a 3.  Annoyance.

Obviously it’s time to go through it and clean a few things off, but these had to be songs I rated the lowest NOT the highest, right?  It’s not like anyone borrows the thing.  It’s not like there are kids or pets around to mess with it.  I seriously think it developed a mind of its own and decided to punish me for leaving it there in the bathroom and ignoring it most of the time.  (Well I can’t blame it for that, I’d be pretty annoyed too, were I in its shoes, or err dock.)

The Suspect. This suspicious little pixie was finger painted using an iPod touch. Cool, no? But, I'm pretty sure she used her evil magic to crawl through the interweb and attack my poor defenseless iPod when I wasn't looking. Beware of this face! Credit m1ll3r.

Either that, or the iPod pixies have finally found me, in which case if you don’t hear from me over the next few days, please do call for help!

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