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Save a Child's Life

24 Aug


I just sent a message to my members of Congress asking them to support the U.S. Commitment to Global Child Survival Act, which would help to save the lives of the 10 million children a year who die before their fifth birthday from preventable causes.

You can help this important bill move forward by taking action here: http://www.one.org/childsurvival/



24 Jun

This weekend has given me the opportunity to do alot of thinking about what I want out of life.  After realizing I’ve not been fulfilled working simply to get by and my yearning for travel and cultural understanding has gone unfed, I’ve made the decision to spend 4 to 6 weeks next year volunteering in India.  I decided to do the volunteer program after deciding I wanted more than just the cursory tourist experience.  The task of finding the best program is still a bit daunting, but I’m confident that the decision at least is the right one. 

 In preparation for the trip I will be learning Hindi, one of many national languages of India, including English. I’ve already began to fall in love with the beautiful Devarangari script.  Allthough speaking Hindi is in no way a requirement for any of the programs, I feel it will give me a better opportunity to understand the people I am working to help and their needs and desires.

 My goal is to do a trip a year, to different countries or areas and to become a global advocate and public speaker for global issues when I return in my spare time.  It’s also something I hope to incorporate seamlessly into my writing.

 I just feel the sting of how easily we as Americans, sit within our four walls and are so disconnected from the world at large, the suffering that is taking place is so easy to push out of our minds.  I feel the need to do something to address that.

 Why India?  I’m not exactly sure where my fascination with India began, but it has not diminished over the years that I have been aware of it.  The opportunities I’ve had to meet natives of India and hear their stories have been fascinating.  And these have been the lucky ones.  The well off ones who have come to the US.  Within their stories are horrors of sexual inequality and social systems that make helping their own people difficult.  But for many in India hunger, unemployment, and an inate sense of an inability to help oneself are commonplace. 

I’m also fascinated by the religions and cultures of the different regions of India.  The history, colors, spices and fabrics as well as rituals and rites that are worlds apart from what we know here in the United States.

I hope to spend part of my time in Delhi and part of my time in rurul Dharamsala were I will also be exposed to the Tibetian culture as it is the home of the exiled government of Tibet and the Dalai Lhama. 

I’m not sure exactly when the trip will take place.  Things will have to be worked out with my job and fundraising.  But I’m hoping for sometime next summer.

I’d love to hear your comments and thoughts on this endeavor, and any suggestions or advice you might have for me.

Live Well!


Reversing the Decision

4 Dec

Ok, I know I said I wasn’t gonna talk about it…..but that was before.  Before the infamous pictures showed up on my computer screen in all their glory passed along by a “silly boy”.  No, Heath, I really didn’t need to see that.  I could have gone my entire life without seeing Britney’s netherlands and been just fine.  Really.  And at that moment I couldn’t help feeling just a little bit sorry for the girl, whose ever so classy photos have been passed around myspace and the internet at large until we all, deserving or not, wanting or not have had access.  Happy Holidays!

What amazes me is that she did it not one night, not two nights, but three full nights of pantiless camera flashes.  Ok, sure her pal Lindsay may still have her beat, but isn’t it at least starting to get a little too cold for pantiless in LA? 

No my real frustration is that this is what the world cares about.  Brittney’s panties.  This is what the world is becoming.  Pantiless shots of celebs.  This is our entertainment.  Very enlightening.  And can I state for the record I don’t care who Paris’ evil twins are this week or next. 

I simply don’t respect these people who have so much, and care so little about anything other than endless parties and scandals.  Yes, they are young, and maybe they will grow up someday and realize what they have wasted, and oh what a life to live down.

I miss the good old days when it was okay to be obsessed with Ben Affleck, because he was a hot actor, whose intelligence amazed me, and when people didn’t laugh everytime a celebrity tried to do something for a cause.

Yes, I admire Angelina and Brad for doing what they are capable of doing to at least try and make a difference.  So what if they look pretty while they are doing it.  They are.

I don’t hate all famous people for voicing their opinions.  They are entitled.  Sometimes the venue they choose is not correct, sometimes they sound like idiots.  They know by that time that what they say will not be ignored.  If they choose not to think before opening their mouths, I don’t feel sorry for them.  But when they do, when they think, and they have something to say, and they make just a little bit of a difference.  I admire them.  I am jealous that they have the power that I don’t. 

Resisting the Urge

30 Nov

I will not write about Britney’s Panties, I will not write….how sad is it that this is the biggest news story of the day.  Hi.  Did anyone notice that earthquake in Indonesia?

Ok. Feeling like your head is about to explode and your lungs are full of something funky apparently has it’s ups and downs.  On the downside….I had to sit at home tonight alone, while my $300 hockey ticket ON THE GLASS went unused.  No. Don’t bring it up, it’s still too painful.  On the upside, I sat my butt down in a chair and finally watched my tivoed season of Grey’s Anatomy.  Ahh….guys, this is the way tv is meant to be watched.  Sick, bundled in a blanket…..like one really long movie with no commercials.  Bliss.  Downside.  Started my review of the new music software Sony so thoughtfully overnighted to me yesterday and my head was too fuzzy to figure out where to plug my mic in on the desktop computer in the kitchen.  Now, the interesting thing would have been if I had been able to figure it out.  My voice sounding as lovely as it is right now, we would have had some great tracks laid down….ya know the episode of friends where Phoebe sounds all sexy with a cold….yah, probably not anything near that cool.  But fun all the same.

Nano is officially over in 23 minutes.  I think it’s safe to say, I’m not gonna make it.  More on that later….but I’ll say this.  Worth the ride.

Ok, back to bed…I suppose I’ll force myself to go visit my doctor friend tomorrow (Sadly, not McDreamy).  Sure he’ll be so glad to see me again!!  Tune in tomorrow for more insane things I do while I’m sick, like sign up for insanely expensive college courses!  Night!

Wasn't this guy supposed to be killed by a crocodile?

4 Sep

A moment of silence. After refuting circulating “killed by” rumors for years, Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin was in fact killed yesterday by a stingray while filming off the Great Barrier Reef.  When my cellphone lit up with the news late last night, I was somehow mildly dissapointed that he didn’t get to die at the hands of one of his beloved crocs.  But I did feel a serious sense of relief for his children who no longer have to fear being dangled in front of the mouths of the scary beasts.  They may have been perfectly “safe” as Irwin claimed, but that sort of thing would definitely give me nightmares for life.  I can just see the tot, 15 years from now, sitting in a psychiatrists office tracing the root of all his addictions and problems back to that one moment in time.  But, who knows maybe he’ll grow up to fill Dad’s empty shoes.  The world can only hope.

In the meantime I present for your enjoyment: 

Steve Irwin Quotes


Classic Steve Video

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And I’m not even a fan.

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