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Because Sometimes Living in a Tree Just Sounds Right

16 Feb

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Seriously, if it weren’t for the high cost of admission I would have figured out a way to live in the Swiss Family Robinson treehouse at Disneyland long ago.  But I’m willing to socialize too.  Set me up in an Ewok village or Lórien from LOTR (yes my geek is showing) and I’d be perfectly happy.

Really the thought of moving anywhere with the least bit of imagination would thrill me right now.  I’m supposed to be packing for my move to Mesa next week and ugh.  Ugh.  I don’t want to deal with it.  Moving to another depressing box.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad I’ll be closer to my family.  I think.  I just hate dealing with moving in general.  I’m still not completely unpacked in my current  apartment after two years and the plan was to get something bigger so I had room for everything, but of course I’m ending up somewhere smaller instead. Finances and time and disappointment won out.  I think at some point during the process of searching I just gave up and said, fine…it’s a roof over my head, I’ll take it.  But no matter what I do, I can’t seem to make myself excited about it.  Any suggestions people?!  How do we make moving fun?


Happy New Year!

1 Jan

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Looking back at 2010.

It’s been quite a year.  The best of times and the worst of times, though thankfully, not usually at once, more like an out of control roller-coaster ride in the dark.  At times terrifying, at times exhilarating.


How do you measure a year? I wrote a novel, visited Disneyland (once) and Seaworld (twice).  I spent countless days in the hospital and gained a new appreciation for breathing non-sterile air and legs that actually work. I went fishing. I played at the park. I started school (again). I lost 40 lbs (and gained 10 back). I discovered my love of Dr. Who. I read many many books I adored and a few I didn’t.  I gained an adorable new nephew. Connected with some great authors and publishers. I had my first real surgery. Tripled my meager cooking skills. Went on some very memorable dates. Hours and hours of yoga. Started a critique group. I reconnected with some old friends. Made some new ones. I gave up TV (mostly). I got to play Santa. I learned a lot. Most importantly, I became acutely aware of how wonderful my family and friend actually are, and I’d like to think I grew up, not too much, but just a bit.


I can’t express enough my gratitude to my family for putting up with me this year.  I know every hardship I faced was reflected exponentially in your hearts and for that I honor your love, your strength and your grace.  This has truly been a year that I don’t know where I would be without your never-faltering support.


What does 2011 hold?

Well if there’s anything I’ve learned thus far, it’s that I’m sure there will be plenty of surprises.  (Good thing I love surprises!) But I’m counting on a move across town, starting a new job, possibly some great trips (to NYC for BEA and to  Europe in the summer).  Putting the finishing touches on my novel.  More great classes.  More amazing books.  I’m excited to join the pre-viewing committee for the Phoenix Film Festival this year and will be starting a new volunteer opportunity having to do with yes, books. (I’ll be in the studio, recording audio editions for the blind.) Lots of writing.  NaNo again. I’m thinking of adding some podcasts and vlogs to my blogs, and if I have any time left…sleep, lots of sleep.

My hopes for the coming year?

World peace?  Too much? Yah,  I thought so.  Honestly, my hope, is that I can hold on to the spark of excitement, spirit of accomplishment, profound gratitude and sense of humor that I somehow managed to find in the latter part of this year.  That’s really it.  I have goals, yes, wishes, desires. I’m constantly looking for balance. But, if I can hold to the attitude that sits in my heart at this moment, I’m pretty sure the roller coaster ride this coming year will be thoroughly enjoyable and more importantly, in the end, it will have gotten me to where I needed to go.

Disclaimer: This post was written under the fog of a flu that has traveled to my head and induced that fuzzy-headed cognitive cloud.  Oh and cough syrup.  Extra sentimentality and cheesy if extant  humor can easily be blamed on these extenuating circumstances.

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