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Sometimes Online is Awesome

9 Sep

I don’t know how it got to the point where it’s been six months since I posted anything on here.  That just makes me feel… old.  But, I suppose I found myself a bit overwhelmed by my various online self-induced obligations and needed a break and some perspective from the real world.

Which mostly means I’ve been working on my “real” writing projects, and studying, and reading books that I don’t have to review and spending days and weeks at a time without even checking my email.  (I don’t suggest that last part if you get as much email as I do).

I’m still not sure what my new take is going to be with this multi-blogging project. I’m hoping to get things consolidated down to one pressure-free space. I’ll keep you posted.

In the meantime….

I ventured back onto Twitter today and found myself wandering down a little rabbit hole that led me to something I had to get on here and talk about.  HitRECord.org is a collaborative project helmed by Joseph Gordon-Leavitt that is just ur-cool in my humbly opinionated brain.

It’s all kinds of artists, film-makers, writers, animators, editors, musicians, composers etc.  just throwing stuff out there and working together to remix it and make it awesome.  If things fly, Joe has the Hollywood connections to make impressive things happen.  But, it’s really just about creating something amazing.  And doing it together.  It’s not about ego or making a name for yourself.  Everything you put up on the site is free to be borrowed from and worked off by others.  This is like artistic utopia people and I’m loving it.

Check out one of the short-films they screened at Sundance and SXSW this year, then go contribute some of your talent and/or opinons to the cause.


My Twilight Saga

21 Jul

The cover of this last weeks Entertainment Weekly made my heart skip a beat with excitement. There in full color were two of my favorite fictional characters, about to be brought to life on the big screen.

Twilight The Movie

Twilight The Movie

Five years ago,  my mother, trying to be helpful as usual had clipped an article in the local paper about an LDS single mother about my age who had written some vampire book for teens.  I read the article.  Was a bit jealous of her nonchalant just waking up one day and deciding to write something which sold.  I’d been labouring over my writing for so many years.  What would that be like…just to wake up one day, without ever having given writing a moment’s thought and decide to write something?  And have that something be good!  It didn’t happen everyday that much I knew for sure.  I think I decided to be unneccesarily annoyed with my mother for showing me the article.  As if she expected that I should be able to have a dream one night, wake up the next morning and write something fabulous too.  I imagined it was a jab, about me not working hard enough.  In reality it was true confidence in me, motivation to keep going.  I just wasn’t in the place to see it as that at the time.

It was several years later before Twilight entered my life again.  My friend Leslie, a high-school English teacher had a habit of keeping up to date on what her “kids” were reading.  And the Twilight “books”, as they had now become were what every teenage girl in America were drooling over.  I didn’t give it much thought as she spent the weekend at our cabin up north engrossed in the first book of the series, and her running reviews as she read were not too encouraging.

“God, I could write this!” she kept saying. And knowing Leslie…if she put her heart to it, she probably could.

“Ha!” My Ego was temporarily justified.

A week later I was helping Les out at school, getting ready for a parent’s night and taping poster’s the kids had made to the walls.  A full third of the posters had something to do with Twilight in them.  Now I was intrigued.  I didn’t know that many students, when I was in high-school who actually read….let alone put it on display for all to see.

I asked Leslie again about the books and this time her response was different.  The first one was a little slow to get into, but “They are so great…you have to read them!”  She loaned the first two to me later that week and they sat on my shelf for months.

Breaking Dawn Cover

Breaking Dawn Cover

I really don’t remember picking up the first one, but I do remember going…ok…yes the language is simple…but it’s for teens.  The story is pretty ingrained and complex.  I could see the characters before I even knew what the books were about….I was hooked.

Whenever I manage to come across a book I can’t put down, I pretty much don’t.  I think I stayed up for 48 hours reading the first two in the series and then ran to the store the next day and bought the third because I couldn’t wait until I saw Leslie again.

Thinking the third was the last I was a bit dissapointed with the ending, but I quickly went to the Author, Stephenie Meyer’s website and found there was one more book to come.

That book, Breaking Dawn comes out August 2nd.  (Yes, I have it marked on my calendar!)  and while I haven’t become one of her screaming, stalking fans…I’ve finally gained a great amount of respect for Stephenie.

Now…with another series for adults (The Host) already on shelves and the Twilight Movie looking like a blockbuster, this multi-millionaire is unreachable.  But five years ago, if I’d let my ego aside I could have easily picked up the phone and had a conversation with this girl….so much like me…who just happened to find her love in writing.



Blog Critics Magazine

21 Nov

If you haven’t checked out my article about ‘Borat’ here’s the link:


A Thousand Words

27 Jan

Martyrdom… is the only way in which a man can become famous without ability.
  – George Bernard ShawP1010050

How do you summarize a 120 page screen play in a thousand words?  Fifty words I can do, no problem, but a thousand, what do you include, what do you leave out (alot).  I’m applying for film school in Sedona in the fall and my application essay is supposed to be a thousand word synopsis of my film.  Who would have thought that would be harder than writing the screenplay itself.  But, I’m excited.  I’m applying for three different programs with this script and hoping to get accepted into one of them.  The first is the Zaki Gordon Film Institute in Sedona.  It’s critically acclaimed, only accepts 40 students into its one year program and has just added a second year program with a guaranteed screening of a group short at cannes. 

The second is the Sundance lab, which takes place for three weeks in June at Sundance.  All expenses paid, you get to workshop your script to make it better and then they will produce it with big name stars and most likely screen at sundance as well as other top tier festivals….which means…great chance of distribution deal.

The third program I’m submitting this script to is the ABC/Disney fellowship, which is a one year paid program usually a feeder for staff positions and produced scripts through their many prod cos, mirimax being the biggest and most acclaimed.

I also had word yesterday of a contact through my dad with an important producer (who I won’t name) who is willing to read my script, so I’m excited about that.

Now, I just have to finish it. 

The process is going great and I’m loving it.  I’ve also started on a collaboration with my friend Leslie on another script we’ll be working on together and I’m very excited about that one…more to follow on that as it’s quite different from my current writing.

Well, back to work for me.  And you, get back to work!!

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