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Caught My Eye: Cabfare Productions

26 Jan

Wedding Videos That Make You Want to Fall in Love Again (and live in Seattle)

Don’t ask me how I got there.  I think it started with a book. (What else?)  But, somehow I found these amazing little wedding videos by a company in Seattle called Cabfare Productions.  And I got lost in them. Every one of them is a work of art.  Bet ya can’t watch just one! Enjoy!!

Paris in the Air

8 Jan

“Aimons donc, aimons donc! de l’heure fugitive, Hâtons-nous, jouissons; L’homme n’a point de port, le temps n’a point de rive; Il coule, et nous passons!” ~Lamartine

It’s been an oddish day.  I woke up needing to write, and started working on a scene from my novel which happens to be set in Paris, a city that, apart from clichés and a few Audrey Hepburn movies, I really know little about. I’ve always loved the architecture and the language though.  Why is part of my book set there?  Because I thought the aged, romanticism of the city and stunning landmarks would make an interesting contrast to my future teen techie apocalypse.

A bit later, in the middle of cleaning my apartment, I got a ping on my phone featuring a news-story about the Arizona congresswoman who was gunned down this morning in Tucson.  Truly sad and horrifying.  But, I’m a writer, and a new story immediately sprang to mind this time set in a very different Paris.  Paris of World War II.  I jotted down some notes on that, which led my brain to yet another story….which I’m keeping secret because it has nothing to do with Paris, (that I know of) (it does involve Shakespeare and some time travel).

A couple of hours later, completely by chance I stumbled on to this post over at Expatriotgames. It’s a true love story which made me A) want to move somewhere really cool, and B) wonder what happened to that guy I used to crush on when I was 16 and working at Burger King.  Paul Johnson if  you are out there…..I’m still single.  Ha.

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But, it also reminded me of the fact that my parents will be visiting the city later this summer.  I’m “more than I can explain” excited for them (and of course a bit jealous).  But what struck me was the picture of my parents in love in Paris.  Holding hands and walking down the street and eating great food at cafes and just being adorably happy.  Yes, I know it’s a weird thing to think of, but I’ve said it before (maybe not here, so I’ll say it again), I’ve always looked up to my parents for the love they have for each other.  It’s something I’ve never had to question, and yes, part of the reason I’m so picky.  I want love like that in my life someday.  They’ve stood up for and put up with each other more times than I can count and here they are…45 years later (they met in high-school), and even with Dad retired with way too much time on his hands,  and Mom still pretending she doesn’t know what  a budget is – neither of them has shown any signs of jumping ship.  I figure if you don’t have someone who loves you that much, what’s the point? Mom and Dad, I wish you a magical journey in Paris. But no time travel, thanks.

So… like I said Paris is in the air.  Can you feel it? Try listening to French music, or French kissing… it helps.  No?  Well, what’s in the air you are breathing then?


“So let us love, let us love; and the transient hour
Let’s enjoy in a hurry;
Man has no harbor, time no shores;
It flows, we fade merely!” ~Lamartine 



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